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Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting at M Mobile Solutions


What is financial reporting?

Financial reporting is the action of creating the reports that are called statements. These financial reports disclose a company’s current financial status to investors, management and the federal government. Click here to download our free training.

There are four basic reports:

  • Balance sheets
  • Income statements (Profit and loss statements)
  • Shareholders’ equity statements
  • Cash flow statements

Microsoft Excel can be used to compile financial reporting, but the experts recommend the automation of the financial reporting process. This can be achieved by using an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system’s finance module. An alternative to ERP is the use of industry-specific financial reporting software. Most of these products come with an XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) tagging engine, which, according to analysts, reduces manual labor. Click here to find a job.

What does financial reporting include?

Financial reporting includes all the external financial statements – balance sheet, statement of cash flows, statement of income and the stockholders’ equity statement. Except for these it also includes:

  • Financial statements notes
  • All conference calls and press releases that regard quarterly earnings and related information
  • Annual and quarterly reports to the stockholders
  • The financial information posted on an organization’s website
  • Quarterly and Annual reports to governmental agencies

What is the purpose of financial reporting?

The purpose of financial reporting is to provide information about the financial performance, financial position and cash flows of an organization. This information is very useful to a large amount of users when making economic decisions. They also show the results of the managing staff’s stewardship of the resource that were entrusted to them.

To meet its purpose, financial reporting must provide the information about an organization’s:

  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Equity
  • Gains and losses
  • Contributions by and distributions to owners in their capacity as owners
  • Cash flows

This data helps management in predicting the company’s future cash flows and their timing and certainty. Click here to find available candidates.

What are International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)?

These financial reporting standards are designed as a common global language for business affairs. Their purpose is that a company’s accounts are understandable and in one alignment with other companies from other countries. The need for IFRS rose from the growing of international shareholding and trading.

International Financial Reporting started as an attempt to unify accounting across the EU. The value of the unification process very quickly caught on around the world. Click here to sign up for our Business Intelligence event.

How can M Mobile Solutions help you with financial reporting?

With more than 7 years of experience in the area, we offer exclusive services that are executed by professionals:

  • Designing financial reporting
  • Building financial reporting
  • Financial reporting tests
  • Financial reporting maintenance

With this vast experience behind our backs, we can confidently say that we will surely make your financial reporting task much easier and smarter.

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business objects

What is SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio?

Business Objects Design Studio is a tool by the Germany-based Corporation SAP. It is one of the main products in their business intelligence portfolio.

Released in late 2012, the tool has already become an important piece of the Business Objects puzzle – as as of current it is the primary tool for creating interactive analytical applications for the web, as well as for mobile users.

Design studio allows the developer to create the user experience as he / she sees most appropriate – as it grants you the complete control over creating the interface. This gives you the power to create applications the way they will best suit the target audience. For example it allows you to:

Business Objects
Business Objects








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  • Keep apps simple instead of cluttering them with controls
  • Focus on interactivity and rich user experience
  • Focus on mobile users by crafting them in a mobile-friendly manner

As a whole, Business Objects Design Studio provides an exhaustive toolset for BI developers to create analytical applications that run on top of SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA data sources. It is fully integrated with the BusinessObjects BI platform.

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What are the benefits of SAP BusinessObjects Design studio?

Before diving into details, let us first examine a list of advantages that Design studio has over its competitors.

  • Full HTML5 compliance
  • Requires minimal effort for applications to become mobile-friendly
  • A WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get)
  • Complete integration with the SAP BI suite
  • A wide set of UI components
  • Scripting support for full interactivity and rich user experience
  • Use of web standards – CSS and a subset of JS in addition to the HTML compliance
  • Pre-loaded with templates and themes

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The use of modern web technologies allows for an easy transition of a web-trained employees. Not only does it ease training in the company itself, this also means that the effort to bring applications to mobile devices is as simple as it can get for your already experienced developers.

The scripting language used in the tool – BIAL (BI action language) is vastly similar to javascript – so this is another huge benefit for employees with experience on the web. In addition, it is the perfect choice for interactive applications and really allows your solutions to make full use of triggers, pop-ups and other interactive controls. Adding the endless possibilities for customization on top of that, SAP are on the right track with their technology choice.

And for those inexperienced on the web, the WYSIWIG editor prevents all headaches. This expands the user list from only people with technical background to really anyone who is capable of complying with the business requirements. This tool is a godsend for business analysts, but this also means that it is invaluable for the business – since it finally allows business intelligence specialists to make full use of all their skills and abilities.

And for those who are less keen on spending a lot of time designing, the templates that go with the tool can cover pretty much any need. From mobile-focused, to fully interactive and with user experience in mind, these themes are something even seasoned designers and user experience experts can learn from. You can expect not only well-designed themes in terms of appearance, they have also been created specifically with usability in mind.

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Let us also not forget the complete integration with other SAP BusinessObjects tools. This prevents a lot of possible headaches, that would be a given if any other non-SAP tool was chosen for this task. And while we are mentioning this last, it might be of the biggest importance – especially for large corporations who make full use of the Business objects suite.

Follow our Business Objects training

Want to learn how to use the tools of trade? We at M Mobile solutions have got you covered. By following our Business Objects training you can learn to:

  • Navigate your way through all the options in the menus, toolbars and layout editor
  • Use the whole IDE effectively
  • Optimize your whole application development process
  • Powering up your solutions by providing rich user experience and interactivity
  • Customize your layout using CSS
  • Customize your behaviors by using BIAL for scripting purposes
  • Follow the major design principles and visualize the data like a pro
  • Make full use of the SDK provided with the tool

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The list above is an exhaustive description of everything you will ever need to design reports in a way that leaves all customers satisfied. In addition to the basics you will also learn principals, best practices and expert tips that can separate you from the rest. Because we know you want more than being average – with the training you can become a master of your craft.

We are well aware that practical knowledge is of the utmost importance, so you can safely assume that the training is created with specific business cases in mind – so that your knowledge can be immediately put into action. Click here to download our free training.




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