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Business Intelligence Specialist

What are the activities of BI Specialist ?
First of all, a business intelligence specialist’s role is to strategically architect business intelligence software and systems. This also includes implementing them into the current business model of the company. The Business Intelligence Specialist’s job can also include integrating business intelligence software products with different databases and data warehouses. His or her job also includes gathering client requirements, assessing said gathered information, blueprinting a plan of action and rolling out business intelligence solutions to the end users. A huge responsibility of this job is to ensure high levels of business intelligence availability through fast and reliable support and large scale in-depth testing and research. Click her to sign in for a BI Seminar.

What for experience do you need as BI Specialist?
A business intelligence specialist also has a huge experience in various sectors such as:
• Insurance and Investment Management
• the Manufacturing industry
• the Retail Industry
• HR shared services

A good business intelligence specialist must also be experienced at working with different kinds of business intelligence tools. Business Intelligence Tools are a type of application software that is designed to retrieve, analyze and transform data into a report for business intelligence. Examples of categories of such tools are:

• SAP Business Objects
• Spreadsheets
• Online Analytical Processing
• Digital Dashboards
• Data Mining and Data Warehousing

It is crucial that a business intelligence specialist is fluent in all those categories. Click her if you would like to follow a business Intelligence training.
Up-date your knowlge

A big requirement that companies look for when they hire business intelligence specialists is that they have studied, or are currently studying at a university specializing in information technology and computer science. Other relevant specialties that a BI specialist must have experience working with ETL processes, XML, ABAP, SQL, Relational Databases, Flat Files, Data Migration Projects, etc.

The business intelligence specialist must also have vast experience in project management. To be more specific he or she must have previous experience with SAP ERP Software Implementations, Business Intelligence Software Implementations, Outsourcing different IT Projects to India or another country, Kanban methodology and Kanban Board Software. Experience with the SCRUM methodology is a must seeing that nowadays almost all products are developed using that methodology. Iterative software development, which is what SCRUM represents, is one of the more flexible project development methods. That is why it is so popular. Moving on. If looking for available BI specialists, click “her”. Click her to apply for a BI role.

So, other abilities that a business intelligence specialist must have, that are more of a personal characteristic, are, first, Project Documentation, which means that a Business Intelligence Specialist must be able to provide a good and structured documentation. Second, he or she must also have experience in the creation of Functional Design, Technical Design, User Guides and Maintenance Guides. Obviously to be good at these, a business intelligence specialist should have a great sense of aesthetics and must also be able to see through the eyes of the end user. It’s obvious to say that seeing through the eyes of the client will help when writing or designing these documentations. Click her to upload available job at your company. Click her to upload your Resume.
In any case, the business intelligence specialist has to be equipped with great communication skills such as giving video presentations. He or she must also have no experience working with people, which is not as easy as it sounds. Preferably a business intelligence specialist must speak in different languages, the more the merrier.
The business intelligence specialists that work at MMobileSolutions.com cover all these requirements listed above and even more. So do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for qualified BI specialists.

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