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Sap Business Objects Consultant

What are the responsibilities of a SAP Business Objects Consultant?

The job of such BO specialists includes multiple responsibilities so consultants can often times be considered “jacks of all trades” – while maintaining mastery of them all.

Amongst said responsibilities are the following:


  • In-depth analysis of requirements
  • Engineering/Architecting solutions
  • In-practice usage of data warehousing
  • Maintaining Web Intelligence/ BO reports and InfoView mastery
  • Crystal report optimizing
  • Integration of different BO tools within a company
  • On-site training and mentoring



In what fields do M Mobile Solutions Business Objects Consultants have experience?


Our consultants are experienced in the following industries:


  • Insurance and investment management
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Retail industry
  • HR shared service center

Strictly industry speaking, these credentials are enough to prove high proficiency and vast knowledge.


Let us combine this experience with the particular tasks that were accomplished in the same industries and the technologies used:

What particular tasks have been accomplished by M Mobile Solutions Business Objects Consultants and how many years of experience do they have?


  • 8 years experience with SAP ERP software implementations
  • 8 years experience with Business Intelligence software implementations
  • 8 years experience with outsourcing IT projects to India

What agile software development frameworks are M Mobile Solutions Business Objects Consultants familiar with?

These achievements have been accomplished in a highly agile and corporate-friendly environment. Our Business Objects consultants have experience with:

  • Kanban methodology & Kanban board software
  • SCRUM methodology
How do these agile frameworks help project success?


For the unaware, Kanban and SCRUM are the pinnacles of agile corporate processes.

SCRUM is an iterative and incremental agile software development practice that has been shown to increase team productivity by a whopping 60%.

At the same time employees claim higher satisfaction from work and more constant workloads. It achieves this mainly due to its iterative nature – motivating splitting tasks into the smallest possible units of work that have business purpose and delivering them constantly.

Kanban on the other hand is often defined as “Scrum on steroids”. It constitutes of a scheduling system for lean production.

Its main goal is just-in-time production and delivery and achievement of “pull” task management, as opposed to the standard “pull” strategies of inefficient and less agile approaches.

Efficient use of Kanban boards is a must for specialists applying this approach.



What positions can be expected to be available soon on M Mobile Solutions?

• Trainer SAP BW | Dashboards | Web Intelligence | SAP Lumira | SAP BO CMC
• SAP BW Business Intelligence Analyst
• SAP BO Business Intelligence Analyst
• BI Project Manager
• Dashboard builder (SAP Web Intelligence & xcelsius)
• Functional Designer Dashboards (Web Intelligence & xcelsius)
• BI Tester / Support
• SAP HCM / HR Reporting Analyst
• Reporting Support SAP Web Intelligence


What particular technical skills do M Mobile Solutions SAP Business Objects consultants possess?

Amongst the various tools in our specialists’ skillsets are the following:

XML, ABAP, SQL, Business Intelligence training, UK Data Warehouse, Project Management, OLAP, Relational Databases, Various Database skills, Flat files, Data migration projects, Business intelligence data analysis, Business intelligence reporting analysis, ETL development, Part time business object development, Data source, SAP BW, SAP BI, Business Objects sap, Big data Industry, Data Analytics, business analytics, big data, bi business intelligence, sql business intelligence, business intelligence tools, big data white paper, erp, customer relationship management, risk management, business analytics, project plan, it project manager,hr analytics training, sap training
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Freelance Sap Business Objects Consultant





What is SAP BI?

SAP BI is a platform and tool suite for businesses. It provides solutions that grant companies the ability to predict business outcomes by running simulations, to do extensive planning sessions and overall harness the power of Business Intelligence (BI). In case you are familiar with SAP BW – Business Information Warehouse you will benefit from knowing that these two are the same exact piece of software – subject only to rebranding.

sap bi training
sap bi training

Click here to download our free training.

What does SAP BI do?

SAP BI is a data storehouse, providing a multitude of utilities that enable companies to do complex simulations and queries on the data. It provides the necessary means to enable data modelling in a correct manner. The schemed data can then be extracted by using another part of the SAP BI toolset for simulations and predicting business decision outcomes.

Last, the piece of software also enables you to do reporting. The utilities are user friendly and enable even people with business expertise to fully grasp the basics and craft reports based on business requirements.

Click here for our Web Intelligence training material.

Overall, SAP BI empowers employees with instant and reliable access to Business intelligence and big data mining tools, so that the decisions they make can be well informed, without this impacting the timeframe for taking one.



What are the advantages of using SAP BI?

The benefits of using SAP BI can be summarized by claiming the following points:

  • Provides the means to scheme and plan data in a strategic manner
  • Does provide instant access to well – formed and highly valuable strategic information
  • Empowers you to create more informed decisions – and faster
  • Does contribute to increased corporate efficiency and productivity

The points above provide a good summary of why using a tooling like SAP BI is of great importance for many businesses – from medium sized to enterprises. However let us briefly focus on what separates SAP BI from similar tools, currently available on the market:

  • SAP BI is deservedly a market leader. Much more business intelligence specialists are qualified to effectively use its utilities than those trained in any other piece of software
  • SAP BI provides a rich toolset enabling multiple capabilities that cannot be found in one place anywhere else
  • SAP BI provides quantifiable results, providing you with the ability to effectively know its benefits from the get go
  • SAP has been supporting and improving its product for many years, and has been able to provide massive improvements to performance and user friendliness
  • The focus of SAP software is the business – and they succeed in making their product accessible for people more proficient in the business domain, rather than requiring technological prowess

If you are interested in learning more about the software and all its great benefits, SAP consultants will be happy to explain everything in detail. Click here to sign up for our Business Intelligence event.

How can SAP BI help my company?

  • Statistics show that the ROI of SAP BI is unbelievably high – 10.57 times return of the initial investment
  • Improved capacity utilization rates
  • Proactive decision making based on real time strategic data
  • Enhanced profitability accounted by sales and marketing teams – thanks to the better data that is available to them
  • Permanent data storage – a vast improvement from transactional data storages, SAP BI provides a less volatile solutions to businesses
  • Improved customer satisfaction rates – getting customers is great, but keeping them is also beneficial to a company – this is what separates the good from the great.



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