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Sales Performance Report Template Excel

What is a Sales Performance Report Template Excel?


What is Sales Performance?

We will start simpler by explaining what sales performance is before going to sales performance report template excel. Sales performance is the “coefficient” of each and every seller’s ability to, well, sell products and services in a given company. So for example, if sales are very high in a given month, the sales performance is considered high too and vice versa. Then we have sales performance management (SPM), which is the act of monitoring and guiding employees to take their selling abilities to a higher level. Click here to download a free training.

The key objectives of SPM are:

  • Increase the knowledge of sellers
  • Teach sellers how to use motivation
  • Instill a goal oriented mindset into sellers
  • Educate sellers the best way to satisfy customers

What is Sales Performance Report Template Excel?

A sales performance report template excel is a ready to use excel spreadsheet. The name itself says it. It is a report template, which has already been designed by a professional to manage sales performance. It is practically a report waiting for you to put your data in. Click here to find a job.

A typical sales performance report template excel can have the following information:

  • A table for sales for month
  • Number of sales for that month
  • Revenue for that month
  • Margin/Contribution
  • Number of orders
  • Average order value
  • A table for a forecast for next month’s sales
  • A table for a quarter forecast
  • A table for a year forecast

In each of these tables, the following columns are recommended to be included. Starting with actual, which is the actual number of sales. Then moving on to plan, which will hold what the planned number of sales was. The third column should be variance, which holds the difference between the actual and the planned sells. And the last one is the percentage of successful sells. Click here to find available candidates.

What to put after the Tables in the Report Template?

After the tables, the sales performance report template excel can have a few optional fields. The first one can be a summary of the sales and activities for the current month and for the forecasts. The second one can contain comments on internal services affecting sales and customers (orders processing, customer services, stock, service support, invoicing, etc). Click here if you want to sign up for a Business Intelligence event.

The third one, which is used very often, is competitor activity. Comparing your company’s sales performance to that of the competitor is a great indicator of how well things are going. Optional market comments can also be added to the sales performance report template excel. These can be trends, developments, SWOT factors of note, opportunities, threats, etc. Click here for free Web Intelligence training material.

What to put at the end of a Sales Performance Report Template Excel?

At the very end of the report template, the credentials of the one who prepared and executed the report must be added as well as the current date for which the report is valid. Also, I have seen this on many occasions, where some templates have a detailed visual analytics in the form of a pie chart. This captures all of the essence of the report in an easy to comprehend graphic.


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