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Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence Software


What are the capabilities of Business Intelligence Software?

Business Intelligence software organizes and arranges data in a format that is easy for business users to comprehend. BI software can generate spreadsheets and reports that allow corporations to get an in-depth look at their performance. Software developers have realized that companies rely on unique sets of data to make their business decisions. To meet these requirements, BI software can perform a variety of functions which can be executed by business analysts. Click here to download our free training.

What are the common functions of BI software?

There are three common functions of BI software:

  • Operational Reporting – These reports cover the everyday processes in a business. Managers who directly overlook transactional activities very often rely on this type of reporting. For example, retail managers who overlook cash registration processes use this functionality to track everyday sales and detect if there are any shortages. The best thing about this is that BI software allows this to be done in real-time.
  • Forecasting – This allows business managers to make better predictions based on certain sets of data. That way they can calculate the profitability of their decisions and even predict the outcome of alternative solutions. This functionality is mostly used by high-level executives since their decisions have to be the most efficient and the smartest.
  • Customer Intelligence – This is a useful tool that helps in analyzing customer trends. Organizations use this data to create a clear picture of their clients and to adjust their services to meet up with these trends. Employees in the marketing department most often make use of this functionality.

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How to choose the right Business Intelligence Software?

First you have to determine the needs of your business. Smaller business owners often prefer a BI software that is capable of simultaneous handling of multiple functions. This is their choice because it is more cost effective than buying specific products for each department. On the other hand, large businesses purchase very specific BI software for each of their departments. This is a more focused approach and more expensive. But it allows managers to focus on data that is relevant only to their department. Click here to find available candidates.

What is the best Business Intelligence Software?

Without a doubt SAP AG is the leader in Business Intelligence software. SAP solutions uniquely enable collective insights by delivering an enterprise business intelligence software that gives you the power to interact with all your data on any device and across any platform. You can gain a real-time understanding of the company with detailed visualizations that employ you to analyze and report all types and amounts of data. SAP products empower people with self-service access to the data and visualizations they require. And that way they can make faster and more informed decisions. Click here to sign up for our Business Intelligence event.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite consists of the following components:

  • SAP Lumira
  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards
  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis MS Office
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

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Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant and the Possibilities at M Mobile Solutions


M Mobile Solutions, with experience in BI Consulting since 2007, is looking for a marketing consultant. There are two choices for the job location – Budapest or Amsterdam. What you have to do is to:

  • Send us your up-to-date CV
  • Tell us what are your earnings expectations
  • Tells us what is your transport (car, public transport, etc)

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What are the requirements and responsibilities of a marketing consultant:

  • Excellent knowledge of the English language
  • Good writing skills
  • University degree
  • Creating new business for the company
  • Selling our services

You can apply right now via email. Click here to find a job.

What is a marketing consultant?

A marketing consultant’s job is to work with companies and create and implement marketing strategies. These strategies must be based around the fundamentals of the business and the services and products that they offer. A marketing consultant generates a detailed marketing plan, determines the marketing message and identifies the appropriate marketing mix to get this message out to the target audience.

The marketing consultant then will work on implementing this marketing strategy in the organization. While doing that, they will watch the results closely, tweak the marketing strategy if necessary and ensure that the corporation gets the best possible results from their marketing efforts. Click here to find available candidates.

What is a marketing consultant skilled at?

The marketing consultant must be very skilled in consumer behavior and the overall marketing process. Identifying the organization’s target audience is a key in developing a successful marketing strategy. That way, the company’s products and/or services will be positioned in a great way in the market and will be only offered to users who would be interested in them. A great marketing consultant must:

  • Think creatively
  • Must also think analytically
  • Extract results from their creativity

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What are other responsibilities that a great marketing consultant has?

  • Identifying new chances to engage existing and new clients
  • Determining how successful target customers are by assessing existing marketing materials, social media and advertising and how much estimated sales they will generate
  • Shape the brand of the organization. How will the company resonate with its desired mission
  • Repair the brand if something happens to damage the corporation’s reputation (Damage control)
  • Getting more repeat customers to the company and in that way maximizing lifetime customer value (New products or service opportunities)
  • Engage clients on social media, innovative campaigns and other websites that are created for the sole purpose of managing interactions with clients
  • Manage content management platforms such as blogs, websites and landing pages
  • Be in touch with search engine optimization trends to generate organic traffic
  • Create targeted email, online advertising, mobile and local marketing campaigns
  • Keep track of analytics and review the conversion rate to benchmark success and achieve optimal results

The roles of a marketing consultant can be quite diverse, which is why it is really helpful to know which skills are best suited to you. Click here for our Web Intelligence training material.


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Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting at M Mobile Solutions


What is financial reporting?

Financial reporting is the action of creating the reports that are called statements. These financial reports disclose a company’s current financial status to investors, management and the federal government. Click here to download our free training.

There are four basic reports:

  • Balance sheets
  • Income statements (Profit and loss statements)
  • Shareholders’ equity statements
  • Cash flow statements

Microsoft Excel can be used to compile financial reporting, but the experts recommend the automation of the financial reporting process. This can be achieved by using an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system’s finance module. An alternative to ERP is the use of industry-specific financial reporting software. Most of these products come with an XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) tagging engine, which, according to analysts, reduces manual labor. Click here to find a job.

What does financial reporting include?

Financial reporting includes all the external financial statements – balance sheet, statement of cash flows, statement of income and the stockholders’ equity statement. Except for these it also includes:

  • Financial statements notes
  • All conference calls and press releases that regard quarterly earnings and related information
  • Annual and quarterly reports to the stockholders
  • The financial information posted on an organization’s website
  • Quarterly and Annual reports to governmental agencies

What is the purpose of financial reporting?

The purpose of financial reporting is to provide information about the financial performance, financial position and cash flows of an organization. This information is very useful to a large amount of users when making economic decisions. They also show the results of the managing staff’s stewardship of the resource that were entrusted to them.

To meet its purpose, financial reporting must provide the information about an organization’s:

  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Equity
  • Gains and losses
  • Contributions by and distributions to owners in their capacity as owners
  • Cash flows

This data helps management in predicting the company’s future cash flows and their timing and certainty. Click here to find available candidates.

What are International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)?

These financial reporting standards are designed as a common global language for business affairs. Their purpose is that a company’s accounts are understandable and in one alignment with other companies from other countries. The need for IFRS rose from the growing of international shareholding and trading.

International Financial Reporting started as an attempt to unify accounting across the EU. The value of the unification process very quickly caught on around the world. Click here to sign up for our Business Intelligence event.

How can M Mobile Solutions help you with financial reporting?

With more than 7 years of experience in the area, we offer exclusive services that are executed by professionals:

  • Designing financial reporting
  • Building financial reporting
  • Financial reporting tests
  • Financial reporting maintenance

With this vast experience behind our backs, we can confidently say that we will surely make your financial reporting task much easier and smarter.

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Pension reports

Pension reports

What is the definition of pension reports?

Pensions are a part of EIOPA’s (European insurance and occupational pensions authority) terms of interest. EIOPA aims to ensure the establishment of high-quality common regulatory and supervisory practices in all countries that are members of the European Union (Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia and the United Kingdom included). It is also an empowered authority that is entitled to providing and pushing solutions to the European parliament and the European commission with insurance-based ideas and proposals.

Pensions in particular can be either:

  • Personal
  • Occupational

Whichever the type of pensions in question are, specific reporting is required, as specified by the regulator. Complying with the admittedly sound and consistent levels of regulation that EIOPA provides can still be a daunting task. And while regulation itself brings security, stability and safety to European Union members, pension reports can be rather difficult to create.

Luckily, M Mobile solutions provides services directly related to this scenario. The company can design, and also build, test (thoroughly and efficiently) and maintain pension reports.

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What are Occupational reports and what are the related regulations there?

Since the very beginning of 2011, the review of the Directive on the activities and supervision of institutions for occupational retirement provision has been the main focus of EUOPA Occupational pension reports.

The goals, as can be expected, are to work on the standardization of reports related to pension schemes, default investment funds, and development of a technical standard of reporting prudential legislations.

Since 2012, the public consultation draft about the technical specifications for the QIS by EIOPA has been launched and is available for everyone to check. Of course if there are unknowns, or finishing the task yourself seems too cost-inefficient, M Mobile solutions can help you with that. If you are interested in consulting services please check out the contact section at the bottom.

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What are personal pension reports and what are the regulations there?

The demographics of most countries, members of the European Union, as well as their economic reality make it difficult for any member to provide pensions to its citizens in an adequate and sustainable manner.

Obviously, with these facts being reality, specific regulations have been put in place as well. In this case, they have been in action since 2013.

From that moment on, EIOPA has been actively developing a solution to the necessity of creating a single EU market for personal pensions. In February 2014, a preliminary pensions report regarding personal pensions has been published. It is named “Toward an EU single market for personal pensions”.

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How can I use pension reports and what are the insurance bits I need to understand?

By its very definition, the EIOPA authority has been created with the sole reason of protecting public interest. Its main task is standardizing regulatory requirements within the European Union with the sole purpose of benefitting the interest of all EU citizens.

One of its major developed works is Solvency II which is based on Insurance and Reinsurance. The directive is a result of the need for a standardized EU directive for these purposes, and targeting these businesses.

In addition, a common database (IGD national options database) is made available to the public. This database promotes transparency and various information, concerning the means through which EU jurisdictions have implemented the options defined in the IGD (insurance groups directive).

The directive itself has been stable for a while, with all noteworthy or significant updates on it being published before or during 2008.

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What are the benefits that I can gain by trusting M Mobile Solutions?

As mentioned above, M Mobile Solutions can guide you step-by-step through these directives, effectively lowering the difficulty in planning, designing, testing and maintaining pension reports. If you are in need of highly qualified help and consultancy, our company is here to help you. If you are interested, please contact us – our contact details are listed in the contacts section below!

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SAP BI Certification

SAP BI Certification


What does a SAP BI Certification consist of?

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a combination of a number of modules. Every one of these modules is designed to tend the needs of a certain business area of an organization that is using SAP. Here are some of the modules of SAP ERP:

  • Materials Management
  • Controlling
  • Production Planning
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Financial Accounting
  • Human Resources

SAP BI is not one of these modules. It is more of a component of SAP NetWeaver. Its purpose is to provide robust and efficient reporting, analysis and evaluation of business information. Click here to download our free training.

What are the sub-areas of SAP BI?

There are four main sub-areas of SAP BI:

  • Data Warehousing – Represents all the functionality done on data like integration, consolidation, transformation, cleanup and storage.
  • BI Platforms – The technological infrastructure which offers different analytical technologies and functionalities.
  • BI Suite: Business Explorer – Functionalities are flexible reporting and analytical tools for smart analysis, operational reporting and efficient decisions support for a business.
  • Development Technologies – Open Analysis Interface, BI Java SDK, Web Design API

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What are the different levels of SAP BI Certification?

There are several certification exams that have been developed by SAP Education. These exams test the skills and knowledge of SAP consultants in implementing and customizing SAP Business Intelligence. Each level of SAP BI certification has a different label. For example the first level is called “SAP Certified Application Associate – Business Intelligence with SAP BW 7.3 and SAP BI 4.0” and its custom code is “C_TBI30_73” or the other variation which is “SAP Certified Application Associate – Business Intelligence with SAP NetWeaver 7.0” with code “C_TBW45_70”. Click here to find available candidates.

The next level after the associate is the professional. To pass the first level you will need at least 69% for “C_TBI30_73” and 66% for “C_TBW45_70”. You will have 180 minutes to finish the exam which consists of 80 questions. It is offered in the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • French
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese

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How can M Mobile Solutions help you with SAP BI Certification?

If you want to get SAP BI Certification from the first time, M Mobile Solutions will help you achieve that. With our vast knowledge and experience in using SAP BI, we will most surely prepare you for a successful passing of the SAP BI Certification. M Mobile Solutions has a team of experts who are certified SAP BI consultants and have come up with the best set of questions that will make sure you clear your SAP BI certification exam at your first attempt. It is highly recommended that you have previous experience working with SAP BI. Click here for our Web Intelligence training material.


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