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Business Intelligence basis training voor Retail

Business Intelligence Basis Training voor Retail ondernemers


Datum: Vrijdag 15 mei 2015 Locatie: Hilton Hotel Amsterdam – Centraal Station

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BI Consulting, M Mobile Solutions organiseert verschillende business intelligence trainingen voor:

  • Retail ondernemers
  • SAP Business Objects gebruikers
  • Gemeente  & Overheid
  • Zorg instellingen
  • Horeca ondernemers
business intelligence developer
business intelligence developer









Retail ondernemers

Door de explosieve groei van nieuwe technologie zal er in de retailsector in de komende tien jaar meer veranderen dan in de afgelopen eeuw. Er is een stijging van aantal online verkoop kanalen waar ondernemers hun producten kunnen verkopen, zoals:  Facebook, Groupon, Airbnb, Markplaats, Google, TV, Radio, Veilingsite, booking.com, whatapp, instagram.

 Ondernemers vragen

Onze klanten worstelen met verschillende vragen:

  • Welke (online) verkoop kanalen gebruik ik nu?
  • Welke (online) verkoop kanalen leveren de meeste nieuwe klanten op.
  • Wat is het klik gedrag van onze website bezoekers tot het doen van een aankoop?
  • Wat is de toegevoegde waarde van een BI?
  • Welke BI tool past bij onze organisatie
  • Welke BI tool past bij onze IT landschap
  • Welke BI tool past bij onze kennis en kunde van onze medewerkers


  • IT trends
  • Wat is CRM/ ERP
  • ERP Systemen vergelijken
    • Exact
    • Afas
    • Sales Force
    • Microsoft
    • SAP
    • Oracle
  • Wat is Business Intelligence?
  • Business intelligence tools
    • tableau
    • Qlik View
    • Microsoft
    • SAP Business Objects
  • Wat is de toegevoegde waarde van BI?
  • Voorbeelden van BI Tools
  • Hoe ontwerpt u een Business Intelligence Strategie?
  • What is the Next step?

Hoe helpen wij?

Wij helpen Retail ondernemers met het ontwikkelen van management rapportages. Met deze rapportages kunnen onze klanten betere beslissingen nemen met betrekking tot: inkoop, verkoop, persooneel en logistiek.

De rapportages helpen ondernemers betere beslissingen nemen op basis van business data.


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Business Intelligence Training Amsterdam

Hieronder kunt u zich inschrijven voor de business intelligence training voor Retail ondernemers

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Datum: vrijdag 15 mei 2015

Locatie: Hilton Hotel Amsterdam
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business intelligence training
business intelligence training

Manufacturing Production Reports

Benefits of Manufacturing Production Reports


What does Manufacturing Production Reports mean?

First of all, let us define the meaning of a production report. A production report contains detailed information about a company’s shop production data. Advanced tools like EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing Production Reporting tool provide real-time reporting. With this software you can vastly improve the process of manufacturing production reports. You can receive information directly from the shop floor as you need it, and more importantly, when you need it. Thus the real-time feature. You can be informed of what’s been produced, what has not been produced and of course why, and the overall efficiency of your machines. By manufacturing production reports, you can make business decisions based on actual facts. With manufacturing production reports you can also catch potential problems before they have impacted the customer. Click here to download a free training.

As a complex manufacturing software solution, EnterpriseIQ Production Reporting includes sophisticated reporting and analysis capabilities for:

  • Inventory Control
  • Scheduling and Planning
  • Warehouse Management
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

What are the advantages of Manufacturing Production Reports?

As stated above, a huge advantage of manufacturing production reports is making business decisions based on detailed reports of production data. After seeing how much of a certain product was made, how much was not and how much was sold, a business owner can make smarter decisions about the future of the company. They can also get an idea of the speed of the process. That way, a business owner can offer new service packages to customers and generate more revenue for the corporation. Click here if you are looking for a job.

Another advantage of manufacturing production reports, that can overwhelm all others, is that it they can give great ideas for new products. If done the right way, these complex and detailed reports will contain all the data necessary for a business owner to come up with an idea. Just by looking at how the current product or products are doing, he or she can very quickly identify problems and remove them. Click here to check out available candidates.

These reports also give you control functionality over the shop floor. But how are they generated? Well, they can be performed by employees in a variety of manners including data entry with keyboards, touch-screen devices, scanning from tether-attached hardware and forklift-mounted devices. Sign up here for a Business Intelligence event.

What does EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing Production Reporting include?

Being one of the best products on the market for manufacturing production reports, this tool offers great features such as a configurable production reporting assistant and automatic real-time overall equipment effectiveness calculations to identify cost reduction opportunities. This software also offers a complete production history reports that can be sorted as well as variance reporting and automatic bar code printing for job pick lists. Automatic label generation including AIAG compliant and customer specific serialized labels are one of the best features of the EnterpriseIQ Manufacturing Production Reporting tool. Click here for free Web Intelligence training materials.

What conclusion do we have?

Using detailed production reports can increase the efficiency of a corporation at the fundamental level. Removing problems before they come into production is a key advantage that most overlook.


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