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Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant and the Possibilities at M Mobile Solutions


M Mobile Solutions, with experience in BI Consulting since 2007, is looking for a marketing consultant. There are two choices for the job location – Budapest or Amsterdam. What you have to do is to:

  • Send us your up-to-date CV
  • Tell us what are your earnings expectations
  • Tells us what is your transport (car, public transport, etc)

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What are the requirements and responsibilities of a marketing consultant:

  • Excellent knowledge of the English language
  • Good writing skills
  • University degree
  • Creating new business for the company
  • Selling our services

You can apply right now via email. Click here to find a job.

What is a marketing consultant?

A marketing consultant’s job is to work with companies and create and implement marketing strategies. These strategies must be based around the fundamentals of the business and the services and products that they offer. A marketing consultant generates a detailed marketing plan, determines the marketing message and identifies the appropriate marketing mix to get this message out to the target audience.

The marketing consultant then will work on implementing this marketing strategy in the organization. While doing that, they will watch the results closely, tweak the marketing strategy if necessary and ensure that the corporation gets the best possible results from their marketing efforts. Click here to find available candidates.

What is a marketing consultant skilled at?

The marketing consultant must be very skilled in consumer behavior and the overall marketing process. Identifying the organization’s target audience is a key in developing a successful marketing strategy. That way, the company’s products and/or services will be positioned in a great way in the market and will be only offered to users who would be interested in them. A great marketing consultant must:

  • Think creatively
  • Must also think analytically
  • Extract results from their creativity

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What are other responsibilities that a great marketing consultant has?

  • Identifying new chances to engage existing and new clients
  • Determining how successful target customers are by assessing existing marketing materials, social media and advertising and how much estimated sales they will generate
  • Shape the brand of the organization. How will the company resonate with its desired mission
  • Repair the brand if something happens to damage the corporation’s reputation (Damage control)
  • Getting more repeat customers to the company and in that way maximizing lifetime customer value (New products or service opportunities)
  • Engage clients on social media, innovative campaigns and other websites that are created for the sole purpose of managing interactions with clients
  • Manage content management platforms such as blogs, websites and landing pages
  • Be in touch with search engine optimization trends to generate organic traffic
  • Create targeted email, online advertising, mobile and local marketing campaigns
  • Keep track of analytics and review the conversion rate to benchmark success and achieve optimal results

The roles of a marketing consultant can be quite diverse, which is why it is really helpful to know which skills are best suited to you. Click here for our Web Intelligence training material.


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Outsourced IT services

Outsourced IT services


What are the benefits of outsourcing IT services

The main reason businesses decide to outsource IT services is common for all – reduced costs.

There are countries where projects can continue growing, while the operating costs for the enterprise are lowered drastically. There are three major ways through which this cost reduction in outsourced IT services is accomplished:

  • Lower taxes (Corporate tax is 10% in Bulgaria, ~12% in Ireland, and expected to go down to 12% in Romania)
  • Lower remuneration expenses – an average Bulgarian IT professional has been quoted to make around 2200 BGN (1200 USD, 1120 EUR) per month. Mind you, this includes senior specialists, consultants and management staff.
  • Lower office rental prices – while official data is currently unavailable, anecdotal sources claim up to 10 times lower costs than in the UK for example


However lower operational costs don’t even begin to describe all benefits of outsourced IT services.

While many companies still consider this a huge risk, there are locations that are actually completely risk-free. Places that business intelligence expertise is exploding in, and people do their jobs with excitement and high motivation.

These benefits of outsourced IT services can be easily brought to you by M Mobile Solutions. Our offices in Eastern Europe can handle any type of Business Intelligence task. ETL testing, Business Analysts for hire, SAP Business Objects software or anything specific – we got you covered.

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How can the risks of outsourced IT services in the business intelligence domain be circumvented?

While generally the risks are as low as they can be, since the education in Eastern Europe is on par with its western competition, we at M Mobile solutions have taken any possible measure to provide you with a service of the highest possible quality.

The only difference that can be seen is the more competitive pricing. Neither one of the common risks can be considered a realistic threat with us. Our specialists can claim:

  • High English proficiency
  • Working hours that don’t conflict due to time differences
  • Practically no cultural differences
  • 24-hour availability
business intelligence developer
business intelligence developer

As a matter of fact, we dare say that claiming equal service quality for outsourced IT services is insulting to our hard working employees in the business intelligence field. We firmly believe that the professionalism they provide is unmatched and on a higher level than expected – so the customer can really get the best of both worlds – reduced costs, improved quality. Those two traits do not deserve to be called “a risk”.

Not taking advantage of outsourced IT services actually puts companies in a competitive disadvantage – especially those in need of business intelligence solutions.

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Does this mean that all horror stories about outsourced IT services are false?

Probably not. However, we do have a perfect track record, due to cherry-picking all our professionals.

And making the right decision to focus on Eastern Europe makes it easy for us. Because there are practically very few if any failed outsourcing attempts in this area.

Literally all big companies that have opened offices in countries like Bulgaria and Romania – HP, Google, Intel, SAP Labs, Experian, IBM, Freescale, Microsoft, Luxoft – have seen huge success and are continuing to expand their offices there. So do you still think there might be downsides to a bold decision like that?

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So how can M Mobile Solutions help me?

M Mobile Solutions allows for an effortless, yet highly productive next step in your company’s success – outsourced IT services. We take risk out of the equation, and put lowered costs and improved productivity in its place. Your business intelligence needs can be covered with nothing but the highest levels of professionalism and quality.

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