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Sap Business Objects Consultant

What are the responsibilities of a SAP Business Objects Consultant?

The job of such BO specialists includes multiple responsibilities so consultants can often times be considered “jacks of all trades” – while maintaining mastery of them all.

Amongst said responsibilities are the following:


  • In-depth analysis of requirements
  • Engineering/Architecting solutions
  • In-practice usage of data warehousing
  • Maintaining Web Intelligence/ BO reports and InfoView mastery
  • Crystal report optimizing
  • Integration of different BO tools within a company
  • On-site training and mentoring



In what fields do M Mobile Solutions Business Objects Consultants have experience?


Our consultants are experienced in the following industries:


  • Insurance and investment management
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Retail industry
  • HR shared service center

Strictly industry speaking, these credentials are enough to prove high proficiency and vast knowledge.


Let us combine this experience with the particular tasks that were accomplished in the same industries and the technologies used:

What particular tasks have been accomplished by M Mobile Solutions Business Objects Consultants and how many years of experience do they have?


  • 8 years experience with SAP ERP software implementations
  • 8 years experience with Business Intelligence software implementations
  • 8 years experience with outsourcing IT projects to India

What agile software development frameworks are M Mobile Solutions Business Objects Consultants familiar with?

These achievements have been accomplished in a highly agile and corporate-friendly environment. Our Business Objects consultants have experience with:

  • Kanban methodology & Kanban board software
  • SCRUM methodology
How do these agile frameworks help project success?


For the unaware, Kanban and SCRUM are the pinnacles of agile corporate processes.

SCRUM is an iterative and incremental agile software development practice that has been shown to increase team productivity by a whopping 60%.

At the same time employees claim higher satisfaction from work and more constant workloads. It achieves this mainly due to its iterative nature – motivating splitting tasks into the smallest possible units of work that have business purpose and delivering them constantly.

Kanban on the other hand is often defined as “Scrum on steroids”. It constitutes of a scheduling system for lean production.

Its main goal is just-in-time production and delivery and achievement of “pull” task management, as opposed to the standard “pull” strategies of inefficient and less agile approaches.

Efficient use of Kanban boards is a must for specialists applying this approach.



What positions can be expected to be available soon on M Mobile Solutions?

• Trainer SAP BW | Dashboards | Web Intelligence | SAP Lumira | SAP BO CMC
• SAP BW Business Intelligence Analyst
• SAP BO Business Intelligence Analyst
• BI Project Manager
• Dashboard builder (SAP Web Intelligence & xcelsius)
• Functional Designer Dashboards (Web Intelligence & xcelsius)
• BI Tester / Support
• SAP HCM / HR Reporting Analyst
• Reporting Support SAP Web Intelligence


What particular technical skills do M Mobile Solutions SAP Business Objects consultants possess?

Amongst the various tools in our specialists’ skillsets are the following:

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Freelance Sap Business Objects Consultant



SAP Software

SAP Software

Introduction to SAP Software

SAP (Systems, Applications & Products) is a multinational software corporation based in Germany. The software they create is specifically targeted to help optimize business operations, investigate markets and business risks and improve customer relations.

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Amongst the various business domains and needs, for which SAP is a preferred software provider are the following:

  •   Customer Relationship Management
  •   Logistics Software sectors
  •   Supply Chain management
  •   Marketing utilities
  •   Manufacturing

For almost a decade, SAP has been a global leader in providing business-oriented software solutions. However the sheer abundance of tools they provide makes it a challenging task for businesses to decide which ones suit their needs well, let alone find consultants that are specialized in configuring, integrating and operating the software.

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Top 10 SAP Software tools to consider in 2015

Throughout the years the German giant has completed numerous acquisitions, effectively leading to a superbly flamboyant SAP Software toolset. Amongst those are multiple tools for data discovery and visualization, Business intelligence platforms, as well as dashboard and reporting tools. There are multiple tools of each kind, and each piece of software brings something new to the table. Here is our top 10 list in no particular order:

  •      Crystal Reports (reporting)
  •      Web Intelligence (reporting)
  •      Desktop Intelligence (a desktop-based predecessor to Web intelligence)
  •      Xcelsius Dashboards
  •      Design Studio (dashboard)
  •      Visual Intelligence
  •      BusinessObjects Explorer and Analysis
  •      SAP ERP
  •      SAP Knowledge Warehouse
  •      SAP Hana

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Benefits of SAP Software solutions

Depending on scale and business needs, benefits can vary. However, trusting a highly reputable company on the SAP Software tool selection job ensures prosperity and satisfaction.

M Mobile Solutions can help you with this task, effectively leading to success similar to that of many satisfied customers. Here is a list of advantages of using SAP Software:

  •       SAP provides the most advanced levels of integration with other software components
  •       SAP Software can combine multiple business processes and turn them into a complete functional chain in which every department has access to only the relevant and highly-customized information
  •       Due to the above, SAP is the most cost efficient piece of software in terms of human resources
  •       SAP Software is user friendly
  •       SAP provides premium support

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How does one decide which tools are needed for a particular business?

Again, making an informed decision can be a daunting task. Without prior exposure to all (or at least most) of them it is only a guessing game.

However, M Mobile Solutions’ 8 years of experience in the field can make this task easier, and its results – spot on. When it comes to business intelligence our team can make a special SAP Software selection based on:

  •   Business needs
  •   Staff expertise and experience
  •   Company budget
  •   Predefined timeframes
  •   Preferred platforms (Windows desktop based, web, mobile, etc)
  •   Market niche specifics
  •   And last but equally important, employee style of work preferences

This way the vast number of Business intelligence tools will actually bring the needed variety to suit everyone’s needs – and M Mobile solutions can ensure that your goals are well met.

If you are interested in services related to software selection for Business intelligence SAP Software, please check out the contact section below. We can guarantee that our high levels of professionalism and deep knowledge can drive your business forward. We have experience working with SAP BusinessObjects software since 2007 so you will be in safe hands.

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Mmobilesolutions.com | Business Intelligence Consulting | Business Intelligence Training | Address: Share Service Centre, Nachtwachtlaan 461, 1058 ER Amsterdam | Skype | info@mmobilesolutions.com | Call us +31208458541

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Business Intelligence Self Service

Why use Business Intelligence Self Service?


Business Intelligence Self Service Solutions at M Mobile Solutions

M Mobile Solutions helps companies design, develop and build business intelligence service portals. After implementing the reports, Business Departments, such as HR, Sales and Marketing are able to design and run daily or monthly reports, without any IT support.
The self service reports can run on a mobile device and PC. Also the user can easily share his reports with his or her colleagues. We have experience in Business Intelligence Self Service Solutions since 2008. Our clients are based in London, New York, Johnsburg and Amsterdam.

M Mobile Solutions use Agile SCRUM methodology to develop the aforementioned reports. Click here to download our free training.

What is Business Intelligence Self Service?

When it comes to IT terms, there are two definitions of what business intelligence self service is. The bad thing is that most people mix them up which in turn creates a lot of confusion. So the first definition is the “business need”. This means business people accessing data they require for the making of a certain decision. But how is that different from regular BI? Well they access the data without the help of technology experts. Thus the “self service” part. The second definition is the technology used to fulfill the aforementioned business requirement. These tools can be used for:

  • Gathering information from multiple sources
  • Analyzing large amounts of data
  • Sharing the report with other people

And all this without having to go to the trouble of learning the technical protocols required to access the information. If you are looking for a job, click here.

What can people misunderstand about Business Intelligence Self Service?

The business need creates requirements for the business intelligence self service is a very broad concept that covers a wide range of technologies and data stores. The very thin line between “reports”, “dashboards”, “data recovery”, etc is very blurry. So there is no truly business intelligence self service solution. Someone has done some work in advance thus the above statement. All this information that is gathered by non-professionals, at some point, has to come together. And if this is to be done the right way, a technology expert has to come into play. Click here to find available candidates.

What are the benefits of Business Intelligence Self Service?

In 1991, BusinessObjects was explicitly a business intelligence self service tool. What is interesting is that business needs do not change that much over time. What changes though, is the technology used, the amount of data stored, and the level of information use. Click here to sign up for a Business Intelligence event.

What about visual analytics?

Of course, we are talking in the context of business intelligence self service here. So visual analytics means that instead of having users ask a question, then get a result and then from that result make a chart, there is much more to be done from the chart itself. A human being learns way faster by images and data presented in a visual fashion, than through conversation.

How does Business Intelligence Self Service improve the use of BI tools?

Business intelligence self service builds on “traditional” BI, in a sense, i.e. the trusted data sources, that are available through the data warehouse are a crucial part of the data analysis done in the business intelligence self service tools. Click here for free Web Intelligence training material.


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Sales Performance Report Template Excel

What is a Sales Performance Report Template Excel?


What is Sales Performance?

We will start simpler by explaining what sales performance is before going to sales performance report template excel. Sales performance is the “coefficient” of each and every seller’s ability to, well, sell products and services in a given company. So for example, if sales are very high in a given month, the sales performance is considered high too and vice versa. Then we have sales performance management (SPM), which is the act of monitoring and guiding employees to take their selling abilities to a higher level. Click here to download a free training.

The key objectives of SPM are:

  • Increase the knowledge of sellers
  • Teach sellers how to use motivation
  • Instill a goal oriented mindset into sellers
  • Educate sellers the best way to satisfy customers

What is Sales Performance Report Template Excel?

A sales performance report template excel is a ready to use excel spreadsheet. The name itself says it. It is a report template, which has already been designed by a professional to manage sales performance. It is practically a report waiting for you to put your data in. Click here to find a job.

A typical sales performance report template excel can have the following information:

  • A table for sales for month
  • Number of sales for that month
  • Revenue for that month
  • Margin/Contribution
  • Number of orders
  • Average order value
  • A table for a forecast for next month’s sales
  • A table for a quarter forecast
  • A table for a year forecast

In each of these tables, the following columns are recommended to be included. Starting with actual, which is the actual number of sales. Then moving on to plan, which will hold what the planned number of sales was. The third column should be variance, which holds the difference between the actual and the planned sells. And the last one is the percentage of successful sells. Click here to find available candidates.

What to put after the Tables in the Report Template?

After the tables, the sales performance report template excel can have a few optional fields. The first one can be a summary of the sales and activities for the current month and for the forecasts. The second one can contain comments on internal services affecting sales and customers (orders processing, customer services, stock, service support, invoicing, etc). Click here if you want to sign up for a Business Intelligence event.

The third one, which is used very often, is competitor activity. Comparing your company’s sales performance to that of the competitor is a great indicator of how well things are going. Optional market comments can also be added to the sales performance report template excel. These can be trends, developments, SWOT factors of note, opportunities, threats, etc. Click here for free Web Intelligence training material.

What to put at the end of a Sales Performance Report Template Excel?

At the very end of the report template, the credentials of the one who prepared and executed the report must be added as well as the current date for which the report is valid. Also, I have seen this on many occasions, where some templates have a detailed visual analytics in the form of a pie chart. This captures all of the essence of the report in an easy to comprehend graphic.


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