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Business Objects online training

Business Objects online training

Business Objects is the leading business intelligence suite in the market. Developed and maintained by global leader SAP Labs, it contains a multitude of tools which complement one another with the purpose of delivering businesses with the best means of providing analytics.

The best thing about it, from a potential employee’s perspective is that you can grasp all the knowledge needed to get a job and start being productive exclusively online. Business objects online training is available now and it has never been so easy to land a lucrative and exciting profession. So let us get this started.

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What should I expect from Business Objects online training?

Just a decade ago, the idea of invaluable knowledge being available to everyone with an internet connection would have sounded ludicrous. However business objects online training is here to stay and you can take full advantage of it.

Of course, there are always cons to it. While some packages of Business Objects online training can guide you from start to finish, provoke critical thinking, give technical and software specific knowledge and make you solve realistic business problems, sometimes this isn’t the case. So the ability to distinguish between Business objects online training of the highest quality and the video courses that can be considered subpar is invaluable.

In this article, we will give you some general steps that will help you along the way of recognizing the actual quality in these training courses.



What does Business Objects online training contain?

Now it is important to mention that the SAP Business Objects software suite is rarely used by corporations in its entirety. So you might consider going on the lookout for some more specific courses, based on the type of job you are targeting.

In order to base this conclusion on facts, let us look at a list of software tools that are in use today, and categorize them.

  • Business Objects Voyager
  • Crystal Reports Enterprise
  • SAP Crystal reports 201X (consistently updated, separate from the enterprise edition)
  • Xcelsius dashboards
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
  • The BI Launch Pad (previously known as InfoView)
  • SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform (previously known as SAP Business Objects Enterprise)
  • SAP Crystal Dashboard design (targeted at smaller businesses)
  • Web Intelligence
  • Desktop Intelligence
  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

Keep in mind the list above is just made up of the most commonly used tools – in reality there is even more that you might need to learn if you are aiming at being proficient in all of them. In real life circumstances, however, this is rarely as important as building high expertise in a small set of them.

What core knowledge should Business Objects online training teach?

Below we will outline a standard training course in SAP Business Objects. Later we will elaborate on each part and explain why it is of importance:

  • Business Intelligence foundational knowledge
  • SAP Business Objects Universe design
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 training
  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards training
  • SAP BI 4 Information design tool
  • Business Objects Web Intelligence XI Training

A similar course can give you some invaluable basic knowledge that can jumpstart your career. Proficiency in the tools mentioned is more than enough for many big companies, while the foundational knowledge can really ensure that you know why you should do things, and not just how to do them.

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Now one thing we skipped above is the duration of such a course. We would generally estimate it to no longer than just two weeks. It might sound crazy but that is what SAP’s efforts to ensure user friendliness, intuitive design and general usability in their tools has led to.

As a matter of fact, we would classify the foundational knowledge part as the most impactful and important for you. But just reading about it is far from enough – take the next step and check our own training free of charge here.



Benefits of business objects online training

There are many advantages to preferring business objects online training to standard classroom courses, and here are some of them:

You learn to expertly make use of the leading business intelligence tooling on the market today

You gain the needed skills to land a highly lucrative and respectable job with many possibilities for the future

The demand for trained Business Objects experts is at an all-time high and you can take full advantage of that

You can make use of the training whenever you feel like it – unlike the classroom courses where losing focus can cost you some invaluable knowledge

The costs are significantly lowered – you can even take advantage of our free courses from the link above

You can revisit all the necessary courses whenever you need to

Pretty convincing, isn’t it? So why not join us in our mission to provide the enterprise with invaluable analytical data, allow businesses to make use of real-time actionable data and enforce quick executive decisions that increase profits? You have all the steps outlined in here, it is up to you to act upon them.

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