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Outsourced IT services

Outsourced IT services


What are the benefits of outsourcing IT services

The main reason businesses decide to outsource IT services is common for all – reduced costs.

There are countries where projects can continue growing, while the operating costs for the enterprise are lowered drastically. There are three major ways through which this cost reduction in outsourced IT services is accomplished:

  • Lower taxes (Corporate tax is 10% in Bulgaria, ~12% in Ireland, and expected to go down to 12% in Romania)
  • Lower remuneration expenses – an average Bulgarian IT professional has been quoted to make around 2200 BGN (1200 USD, 1120 EUR) per month. Mind you, this includes senior specialists, consultants and management staff.
  • Lower office rental prices – while official data is currently unavailable, anecdotal sources claim up to 10 times lower costs than in the UK for example


However lower operational costs don’t even begin to describe all benefits of outsourced IT services.

While many companies still consider this a huge risk, there are locations that are actually completely risk-free. Places that business intelligence expertise is exploding in, and people do their jobs with excitement and high motivation.

These benefits of outsourced IT services can be easily brought to you by M Mobile Solutions. Our offices in Eastern Europe can handle any type of Business Intelligence task. ETL testing, Business Analysts for hire, SAP Business Objects software or anything specific – we got you covered.

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How can the risks of outsourced IT services in the business intelligence domain be circumvented?

While generally the risks are as low as they can be, since the education in Eastern Europe is on par with its western competition, we at M Mobile solutions have taken any possible measure to provide you with a service of the highest possible quality.

The only difference that can be seen is the more competitive pricing. Neither one of the common risks can be considered a realistic threat with us. Our specialists can claim:

  • High English proficiency
  • Working hours that don’t conflict due to time differences
  • Practically no cultural differences
  • 24-hour availability
business intelligence developer
business intelligence developer

As a matter of fact, we dare say that claiming equal service quality for outsourced IT services is insulting to our hard working employees in the business intelligence field. We firmly believe that the professionalism they provide is unmatched and on a higher level than expected – so the customer can really get the best of both worlds – reduced costs, improved quality. Those two traits do not deserve to be called “a risk”.

Not taking advantage of outsourced IT services actually puts companies in a competitive disadvantage – especially those in need of business intelligence solutions.

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Does this mean that all horror stories about outsourced IT services are false?

Probably not. However, we do have a perfect track record, due to cherry-picking all our professionals.

And making the right decision to focus on Eastern Europe makes it easy for us. Because there are practically very few if any failed outsourcing attempts in this area.

Literally all big companies that have opened offices in countries like Bulgaria and Romania – HP, Google, Intel, SAP Labs, Experian, IBM, Freescale, Microsoft, Luxoft – have seen huge success and are continuing to expand their offices there. So do you still think there might be downsides to a bold decision like that?

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So how can M Mobile Solutions help me?

M Mobile Solutions allows for an effortless, yet highly productive next step in your company’s success – outsourced IT services. We take risk out of the equation, and put lowered costs and improved productivity in its place. Your business intelligence needs can be covered with nothing but the highest levels of professionalism and quality.

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Business Intelligence Self Service

Why use Business Intelligence Self Service?


Business Intelligence Self Service Solutions at M Mobile Solutions

M Mobile Solutions helps companies design, develop and build business intelligence service portals. After implementing the reports, Business Departments, such as HR, Sales and Marketing are able to design and run daily or monthly reports, without any IT support.
The self service reports can run on a mobile device and PC. Also the user can easily share his reports with his or her colleagues. We have experience in Business Intelligence Self Service Solutions since 2008. Our clients are based in London, New York, Johnsburg and Amsterdam.

M Mobile Solutions use Agile SCRUM methodology to develop the aforementioned reports. Click here to download our free training.

What is Business Intelligence Self Service?

When it comes to IT terms, there are two definitions of what business intelligence self service is. The bad thing is that most people mix them up which in turn creates a lot of confusion. So the first definition is the “business need”. This means business people accessing data they require for the making of a certain decision. But how is that different from regular BI? Well they access the data without the help of technology experts. Thus the “self service” part. The second definition is the technology used to fulfill the aforementioned business requirement. These tools can be used for:

  • Gathering information from multiple sources
  • Analyzing large amounts of data
  • Sharing the report with other people

And all this without having to go to the trouble of learning the technical protocols required to access the information. If you are looking for a job, click here.

What can people misunderstand about Business Intelligence Self Service?

The business need creates requirements for the business intelligence self service is a very broad concept that covers a wide range of technologies and data stores. The very thin line between “reports”, “dashboards”, “data recovery”, etc is very blurry. So there is no truly business intelligence self service solution. Someone has done some work in advance thus the above statement. All this information that is gathered by non-professionals, at some point, has to come together. And if this is to be done the right way, a technology expert has to come into play. Click here to find available candidates.

What are the benefits of Business Intelligence Self Service?

In 1991, BusinessObjects was explicitly a business intelligence self service tool. What is interesting is that business needs do not change that much over time. What changes though, is the technology used, the amount of data stored, and the level of information use. Click here to sign up for a Business Intelligence event.

What about visual analytics?

Of course, we are talking in the context of business intelligence self service here. So visual analytics means that instead of having users ask a question, then get a result and then from that result make a chart, there is much more to be done from the chart itself. A human being learns way faster by images and data presented in a visual fashion, than through conversation.

How does Business Intelligence Self Service improve the use of BI tools?

Business intelligence self service builds on “traditional” BI, in a sense, i.e. the trusted data sources, that are available through the data warehouse are a crucial part of the data analysis done in the business intelligence self service tools. Click here for free Web Intelligence training material.


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Business Intelligence Training

Information Design Tool

What is the Information Design Tool?


The SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool is an environment for metadata design which allows its user to extract metadata, define it and then perform various calculations and manipulations on it. It is hailed for its support for both relational database sources, as well as OLAP-s.

By using SAP BusinessObjects Information Design Tool it is possible to define a semantic layer for various front facing products, and to manage it afterwards with ease. Its design principles are based on the so called “Universes” – organized collections of metadata objects that are sufficient for analysis and reporting on corporate data in an understandable, non – technical manner.

The goal of those universes is for them to be later used for simplified reporting. Their data should be semantically understandable for all business users, with all technicalities stripped away.

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What other SAP BusinessObjects tools are integrated with the Information Design Tool?

The list of software tools that can make use of this layer are as follows:

  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard Design
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
  • SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise

The tool is greatly integrated with all those pieces of software by design, making it simple to use in conjunction with them.



What are the Information Design Tool core functionalities?

Here is a simple list of all major capabilities of this invaluable business utility:

  • Connecting to various data sources
  • Extracting tables and joins and interpreting them in order to build the “data foundation” – a relational schema
  • Extract a complete OLAP schema
  • Use the data foundation to create metadata objects in the business layer of the application.
  • Apply validation on SQL and MDX expressions and query against databases for a test
  • Allow concurrent work on a single business layer thanks to resource sharing
  • Publish universes, combining all of the information in a single file
  • Administer user roles and privileges, in order to restrict certain users from accessing particular data sets

Since we just briefly mentioned the business layer, let us now elaborate on what exactly it is composed of.

The purpose of the business layer is to create an abstraction over the OLAP cubes or relational database entries that require specific technical knowledge to make full use of. With a properly designed business layer this need is completely nullified – allowing business – focused personnel to harness all of the tool’s possibilities.

The mappings are created in compliance with the underlying layer – SQL expressions for relational databases and MDX expressions for OLAP cubes.

As for the business layer objects, they are made up of dimensions, hierarchies, attributes, measures and conditions which are predefined. The business layer is the so – called workbench, where the work is still in progress. Whenever it is deemed as fully designed, it can be compiled with all the connections and the data foundation, so that it can be published, shared, integrated and deployed as a universe.

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What are the benefits of using Information Design Tool?

There are some unique traits of this piece of software that really separate it from the rest in terms of quality and usability. Below you can see our top 5 advantages of choosing it over any other tool:

  • It supports heterogeneous data sources – both OLAP and relational databases
  • It is designed to be easily integrated with various other SAP tools, which your company is probably already using anyway – it is the best tool available in terms of seamless integration
  • It is meant to be used by designers – so it expands the amount of users that can harness it by not requiring deep technical knowledge
  • It allows for simultaneous development by multiple designers – so a seemingly small feature can greatly increase efficiency and collaboration
  • Creation and administration of security profiles is integrated inside the tool so that you can limit the privileges of certain groups of users, if corporate policies require it

Check out our free training by clicking here.

Overall we can safely claim that knowledge of this tool is a must in any business intelligence specialist’s portfolio. Gladly, the prior technical knowledge requirements are greatly minimized, making it possible for the vast majority of interested trainees to grasp it rather quickly.

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Business Intelligence Software

Business Intelligence Software


What are the capabilities of Business Intelligence Software?

Business Intelligence software organizes and arranges data in a format that is easy for business users to comprehend. BI software can generate spreadsheets and reports that allow corporations to get an in-depth look at their performance. Software developers have realized that companies rely on unique sets of data to make their business decisions. To meet these requirements, BI software can perform a variety of functions which can be executed by business analysts. Click here to download our free training.

What are the common functions of BI software?

There are three common functions of BI software:

  • Operational Reporting – These reports cover the everyday processes in a business. Managers who directly overlook transactional activities very often rely on this type of reporting. For example, retail managers who overlook cash registration processes use this functionality to track everyday sales and detect if there are any shortages. The best thing about this is that BI software allows this to be done in real-time.
  • Forecasting – This allows business managers to make better predictions based on certain sets of data. That way they can calculate the profitability of their decisions and even predict the outcome of alternative solutions. This functionality is mostly used by high-level executives since their decisions have to be the most efficient and the smartest.
  • Customer Intelligence – This is a useful tool that helps in analyzing customer trends. Organizations use this data to create a clear picture of their clients and to adjust their services to meet up with these trends. Employees in the marketing department most often make use of this functionality.

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How to choose the right Business Intelligence Software?

First you have to determine the needs of your business. Smaller business owners often prefer a BI software that is capable of simultaneous handling of multiple functions. This is their choice because it is more cost effective than buying specific products for each department. On the other hand, large businesses purchase very specific BI software for each of their departments. This is a more focused approach and more expensive. But it allows managers to focus on data that is relevant only to their department. Click here to find available candidates.

What is the best Business Intelligence Software?

Without a doubt SAP AG is the leader in Business Intelligence software. SAP solutions uniquely enable collective insights by delivering an enterprise business intelligence software that gives you the power to interact with all your data on any device and across any platform. You can gain a real-time understanding of the company with detailed visualizations that employ you to analyze and report all types and amounts of data. SAP products empower people with self-service access to the data and visualizations they require. And that way they can make faster and more informed decisions. Click here to sign up for our Business Intelligence event.

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite consists of the following components:

  • SAP Lumira
  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards
  • SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio
  • SAP Crystal Reports
  • SAP BusinessObjects Analysis MS Office
  • SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

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Business Objects online training

Business Objects online training

Business Objects is the leading business intelligence suite in the market. Developed and maintained by global leader SAP Labs, it contains a multitude of tools which complement one another with the purpose of delivering businesses with the best means of providing analytics.

The best thing about it, from a potential employee’s perspective is that you can grasp all the knowledge needed to get a job and start being productive exclusively online. Business objects online training is available now and it has never been so easy to land a lucrative and exciting profession. So let us get this started.

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What should I expect from Business Objects online training?

Just a decade ago, the idea of invaluable knowledge being available to everyone with an internet connection would have sounded ludicrous. However business objects online training is here to stay and you can take full advantage of it.

Of course, there are always cons to it. While some packages of Business Objects online training can guide you from start to finish, provoke critical thinking, give technical and software specific knowledge and make you solve realistic business problems, sometimes this isn’t the case. So the ability to distinguish between Business objects online training of the highest quality and the video courses that can be considered subpar is invaluable.

In this article, we will give you some general steps that will help you along the way of recognizing the actual quality in these training courses.



What does Business Objects online training contain?

Now it is important to mention that the SAP Business Objects software suite is rarely used by corporations in its entirety. So you might consider going on the lookout for some more specific courses, based on the type of job you are targeting.

In order to base this conclusion on facts, let us look at a list of software tools that are in use today, and categorize them.

  • Business Objects Voyager
  • Crystal Reports Enterprise
  • SAP Crystal reports 201X (consistently updated, separate from the enterprise edition)
  • Xcelsius dashboards
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
  • The BI Launch Pad (previously known as InfoView)
  • SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence Platform (previously known as SAP Business Objects Enterprise)
  • SAP Crystal Dashboard design (targeted at smaller businesses)
  • Web Intelligence
  • Desktop Intelligence
  • SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

Keep in mind the list above is just made up of the most commonly used tools – in reality there is even more that you might need to learn if you are aiming at being proficient in all of them. In real life circumstances, however, this is rarely as important as building high expertise in a small set of them.

What core knowledge should Business Objects online training teach?

Below we will outline a standard training course in SAP Business Objects. Later we will elaborate on each part and explain why it is of importance:

  • Business Intelligence foundational knowledge
  • SAP Business Objects Universe design
  • SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence 4.0 training
  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards training
  • SAP BI 4 Information design tool
  • Business Objects Web Intelligence XI Training

A similar course can give you some invaluable basic knowledge that can jumpstart your career. Proficiency in the tools mentioned is more than enough for many big companies, while the foundational knowledge can really ensure that you know why you should do things, and not just how to do them.

A real business objects specialist in the making – next step would be to get the experience to move further up the corporate ladder. And you can do this by just clicking here in order to find a job.

Now one thing we skipped above is the duration of such a course. We would generally estimate it to no longer than just two weeks. It might sound crazy but that is what SAP’s efforts to ensure user friendliness, intuitive design and general usability in their tools has led to.

As a matter of fact, we would classify the foundational knowledge part as the most impactful and important for you. But just reading about it is far from enough – take the next step and check our own training free of charge here.



Benefits of business objects online training

There are many advantages to preferring business objects online training to standard classroom courses, and here are some of them:

You learn to expertly make use of the leading business intelligence tooling on the market today

You gain the needed skills to land a highly lucrative and respectable job with many possibilities for the future

The demand for trained Business Objects experts is at an all-time high and you can take full advantage of that

You can make use of the training whenever you feel like it – unlike the classroom courses where losing focus can cost you some invaluable knowledge

The costs are significantly lowered – you can even take advantage of our free courses from the link above

You can revisit all the necessary courses whenever you need to

Pretty convincing, isn’t it? So why not join us in our mission to provide the enterprise with invaluable analytical data, allow businesses to make use of real-time actionable data and enforce quick executive decisions that increase profits? You have all the steps outlined in here, it is up to you to act upon them.

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sap businessobjects analysis edition for microsoft office

sap businessobjects analysis edition for microsoft office

How to Add a Chart?

Here is how to create a dynamic chart to your workbook. Start by clicking the Office Button and selecting New. Then, click on the Analysis Ribbon, if it is already activated. Choose Select Data Source… after clicking on the Insert. Double-click on the RWB System Connection from the dropdown-box Show Connection. Double-click on the query Country Sales Analysis after searching for P_QD_Country_Sales. Clicking on the Chart button will display the data from the table as a chart.

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sap businessobjects analysis edition for microsoft office
sap businessobjects analysis edition for microsoft office







Here is what you do to display the data as an Area-Chart and format it in the ways you please:

  1. From the context menu of the chart, select Chart Series Chart Type
  2. Select the 4th chart from the left after selecting Area at the left side of the screen

Then, you have to navigate within the data to see the changes in the chart you created. Exchange the following:

  • Sold-toPartyCountry -> Division
  • Division -> Calendar year/Month
  • Calendar year/Month -> Sales Organization

Then remove the measure Incoming Orders from the dropdown. And finally, save your workbook by clicking on the button with the Office logo and selecting Save Workbook. Click Continue and you are done.

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How to filter by measure?

First, create a New Workbook with the query Country Sales Analysis. Then, click on the button with the Office logo and select New. Click on the Analysis Ribbon, then on Insert and choose Select Data Source… Double-click on RWB System Connection and search for P_QD_Country_Sales. Double-click on the query named Country Sales Analysis.

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Then filter rows with more than 10,000 sales revenue EUR. Open the context menu for the measure Sales Volume EUR. Then choose Filter by Measure menu, choose All Dimensions Independently and click Edit. Select Greater than and type in 10000. Click on Add and confirm the dialog. Add a new filter for more than 20,000 incoming order EUR:

  1. Click to open the context menu for Incoming Order EUR and then select Filter by measure, All Dimensions Independently and click Edit…
  2. Select Greater than and type in the value 20000 and click the Add

You can change the filter to use the OR operator instead of the AND by doing the following:

  1. Filter By Measure -> All Dimensions Independently -> Edit…
  2. Select OR to be the logic instead of AND

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Finally, save your Workbook by clicking the Office logo button and selecting Save Workbook.

How to work with Hierarchies?

Start by clicking the Office logo button and selecting New. Then click on the Analysis Ribbon -> Insert -> Select Data Source… Double-click the RWB System Configuration from the Show Connection. Look for U00_QD_HIER002 and double-click the query named U00 Query Hierarchy 002. Examine the displayed data and the default hierarchy which is Product Hierarchy for material MARA. If you want to hide Level 2 of the hierarchy you start by clicking on cell A2 and selecting Hierarchy, then Show Levels and de-select Level 2.

Click here for our business objects training.

To exchange the current default hierarchy with the High Tech Products follow these steps:

  1. From the Design Panel, open the Material folder.
  2. From the available hierarchies, find the High Tech Products and drag it onto the Material in the Rows area.

To revert the hierarchy back to the default U00 Query Hierarchy 002, you can use the Undo button. To hide hierarchies you don’t want to see anymore, select the Material on the grip and choose Filter, and then Filter By Members. De-select all the hierarchies you want to hide.

You can use the Design Panel or the menu to display Material without hierarchies – drag the Flat Presentation entry onto Material. To undo the Row hierarchy from the Query Definition, first deactivate the Compact Display in Rows, and then use the undo button.

Finally, save your Workbook by clicking on Save Workbook from the Office button logo and clicking Continue.

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business objects

What is SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio?

Business Objects Design Studio is a tool by the Germany-based Corporation SAP. It is one of the main products in their business intelligence portfolio.

Released in late 2012, the tool has already become an important piece of the Business Objects puzzle – as as of current it is the primary tool for creating interactive analytical applications for the web, as well as for mobile users.

Design studio allows the developer to create the user experience as he / she sees most appropriate – as it grants you the complete control over creating the interface. This gives you the power to create applications the way they will best suit the target audience. For example it allows you to:

Business Objects
Business Objects








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  • Keep apps simple instead of cluttering them with controls
  • Focus on interactivity and rich user experience
  • Focus on mobile users by crafting them in a mobile-friendly manner

As a whole, Business Objects Design Studio provides an exhaustive toolset for BI developers to create analytical applications that run on top of SAP NetWeaver BW and SAP HANA data sources. It is fully integrated with the BusinessObjects BI platform.

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What are the benefits of SAP BusinessObjects Design studio?

Before diving into details, let us first examine a list of advantages that Design studio has over its competitors.

  • Full HTML5 compliance
  • Requires minimal effort for applications to become mobile-friendly
  • A WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get)
  • Complete integration with the SAP BI suite
  • A wide set of UI components
  • Scripting support for full interactivity and rich user experience
  • Use of web standards – CSS and a subset of JS in addition to the HTML compliance
  • Pre-loaded with templates and themes

Click here to sign up for our Business Intelligence event.

The use of modern web technologies allows for an easy transition of a web-trained employees. Not only does it ease training in the company itself, this also means that the effort to bring applications to mobile devices is as simple as it can get for your already experienced developers.

The scripting language used in the tool – BIAL (BI action language) is vastly similar to javascript – so this is another huge benefit for employees with experience on the web. In addition, it is the perfect choice for interactive applications and really allows your solutions to make full use of triggers, pop-ups and other interactive controls. Adding the endless possibilities for customization on top of that, SAP are on the right track with their technology choice.

And for those inexperienced on the web, the WYSIWIG editor prevents all headaches. This expands the user list from only people with technical background to really anyone who is capable of complying with the business requirements. This tool is a godsend for business analysts, but this also means that it is invaluable for the business – since it finally allows business intelligence specialists to make full use of all their skills and abilities.

And for those who are less keen on spending a lot of time designing, the templates that go with the tool can cover pretty much any need. From mobile-focused, to fully interactive and with user experience in mind, these themes are something even seasoned designers and user experience experts can learn from. You can expect not only well-designed themes in terms of appearance, they have also been created specifically with usability in mind.

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Let us also not forget the complete integration with other SAP BusinessObjects tools. This prevents a lot of possible headaches, that would be a given if any other non-SAP tool was chosen for this task. And while we are mentioning this last, it might be of the biggest importance – especially for large corporations who make full use of the Business objects suite.

Follow our Business Objects training

Want to learn how to use the tools of trade? We at M Mobile solutions have got you covered. By following our Business Objects training you can learn to:

  • Navigate your way through all the options in the menus, toolbars and layout editor
  • Use the whole IDE effectively
  • Optimize your whole application development process
  • Powering up your solutions by providing rich user experience and interactivity
  • Customize your layout using CSS
  • Customize your behaviors by using BIAL for scripting purposes
  • Follow the major design principles and visualize the data like a pro
  • Make full use of the SDK provided with the tool

Click here to find a job.

The list above is an exhaustive description of everything you will ever need to design reports in a way that leaves all customers satisfied. In addition to the basics you will also learn principals, best practices and expert tips that can separate you from the rest. Because we know you want more than being average – with the training you can become a master of your craft.

We are well aware that practical knowledge is of the utmost importance, so you can safely assume that the training is created with specific business cases in mind – so that your knowledge can be immediately put into action. Click here to download our free training.




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