Business Intelligence Testing

Business Intelligence Testing


Testing data warehouses and business intelligence projects can be very challenging, because of the combination of multiple data sources and large amounts of data and reports. However thanks to research by implementing various data warehouse and business intelligence projects, there is a certain set of best practices in Business Intelligence Testing to minimize the risks associated with data intensive projects. Click here to download our free training.

This methodology divides testing into three main areas:

  • Data Entity Testing: This is done to ensure that the data in every source (tables, flat files, etc) or target entities (fact, dimension, etc) is as expected.
  • ETL Testing: This is done to ensure that the data moved from the source systems to the target warehouse is as expected.
  • Business Intelligence Testing: This is done to ensure that teams have a firm grasp on reports and dashboards from a performance and stress testing standpoint.
business intelligence testing
business intelligence testing

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What problems does Business Intelligence Testing face?

Data warehouse projects almost always involve extracting huge amounts of data from multiple data sources. The testing of this data warehouse requires a data-centric approach. Most of the current testing methods use automation tools that are focused on transaction application testing and are not designed for testing of data warehouses. That is why many Business Analysts, Engineers and QA teams test the ETL manually. This process is very much error prone, especially in the case when it is done for large amounts of information. Click here to find available candidates.

There are three factors that ensure proper data testing:

  • Testing has to be done at each data entity level as to ensure that the information coming into the warehouse is correct
  • As data moves from different sources to the warehouse, we need to also ensure that the data is exactly as expected
  • The reporting system has to be tested for accuracy parameter, regression, performance and scalability

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How is Business Intelligence Testing done?

The main goal of Business Intelligence testing is to make sure that numbers and data shown in reports are correct when compared to the source and that the reports are accessible to the end user from a performance and security standpoint. Here are the different types of Business Intelligence Testing:

  • Unit Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Multi-Environment Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Stress Testing

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What is the solution to Business Intelligence Testing?

There are two solutions, that both enable complex data warehouse and business intelligence testing automation. These solutions help minimize testing costs, expedite time to market and deliver higher quality dashboards and reports to business users. The first solution is an ETL Validator. This mainly addresses data entity testing and ETL Testing and here are its features:

  • Test case creation by wizards
  • Test case visibility at an enterprise grade
  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Data entity testing automation

The second solution is a Business Intelligence Validator and here are its key features:

  • Dashboards Testing
  • Reports Testing
  • Multi Environment Testing
  • Upgrade Testing
  • Stress Testing

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