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SAP HANA Training London

Benefits of SAP HANA Training in London

What is this SAP HANA Training?

The SAP HANA training course at MmobileSolutions is designed to cover the schedule set forth for the course by SAP and to train attendants as associate level SAP HANA consultants. This training is certification based. Click here to download awesome free training.

It basically goes through 4 stages:
● Examination Preparation
● Model Test
● SAP Real-time project experience
● Interview Preparation

What will you learn from SAP HANA Training in London?

● SAP HANA Studio – The look and feel of the studio, the different perspectives, the administration console, the modeller, application development with the studio, etc.
● Data Provisioning – Definition of Data Replication and Data Replication methods.
● Uploading Data from Flat Files – How to use the Flat Files upload functionality and how to load data from Flat Files in Workstation
● SAP BO-Data Services – Introduction to BODS, Data services, Data Integration, BODS Server, Repository, Job Server, etc.
● Data Provisioning – SAP Landscape Replication server for HANA and SAP Business Object Data Services (BODS)
● SAP HANA Modeling – General DWH concepts, ER Model, Star Schema, Implementing data models in HANA, Levels of modelling
● Attribute Views – Time dimension attribute views, derived attribute views, using hierarchy, implementing level hierarchy, applying filters
● Analytic Views – Calculated measures, Restricted measures, Concept variables and input parameters
● SAP HANA SQL – SQL statements, Creating tables, CRUD operations, Creating procedures, Creating table types
● Security – Creating users, Creating roles, Assigning privileges and roles to users, Deployment, Developer mode, Deliver Unit Mode, Auto Documentation Generator
● Reporting – SAP HANA Database connectivity options
● Using IDT creating connection
● Creating Webi Reports

What does a person need to have to sign up?

A good start would be to have a Bachelors degree in any field. Preferably the university the degree is from, should be well known. Recommended skills are awareness and/or experience with database technologies and basic software fundamental concepts knowledge. The latter is not a must, but is a big advantage. Click here to find a job.

What are the job prospects after you take a SAP HANA Training in London?

SAP adds so much value to medium and big sized businesses by making them more efficient, that the growth in the application of ERP is inevitable. There are a huge number of organizations that are implementing SAP HANA globally. Click here to find available candidates.

Therefore the market for SAP functional and technical consultants, especially in London, but all over the world as well, is rising very fast. This, of course, gives people with technical knowledge of SAP HANA, the opportunity to fill this gap in the market. Huge technology companies like IBM, Accenture and CTS are looking constantly for SAP specialists. Click here to sign up for a Business Intelligence event.

What salary can you expect?

After certifying the SAP HANA Training in London, contractors can expect to wage between 300 and 500 pounds per day depending, of course, on their experience. If you happen to get a permanent employment with some corporation, the annual salary varies between 30 and 60k pounds, again heavily depending on the experience of the worker. Lead roles in this business are known to wage over 100k pounds per annum. Click here for free Web Intelligence training material.

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SAP Business Analyst Resume

What must a SAP Business Analyst Resume Look Like?

What is a Business Analyst?

First of all, what is a Business Analyst for those who are unaware? Well, a business analyst is a person who analyzes organization or business domain and in the process of that, documents its processes or systems. A business analyst must also understand business change needs by capturing, analyzing and documenting requirements and supporting the communication and delivery of requirements with relevant stakeholders. Click here for available qualified ERP Business Analyst.
BI Resume Tips

So far so good. But what does it take to be a SAP Business Analyst? In short the following qualities must be highlighted in the resume of a business analyst:

1. Relevant qualification (ERP, ETL, Data Management, SQL)
2. Good analytical skills
3. Keen observation
4. Ability to suggest and bring change in the work processes
5. Strong writing skills (functional design, technical design)
6. Strong communication skills
7. Ability to work independently and in coordination with others
8. Strong interpretation skills

So that was in short. But how would a SAP Business Analyst structure his or her resume? Well, there are a few sections that the CV can be divided in. Click here to enrich your Business Intelligence knowledge.
What do you write in Career Summary?

The first one we will call “Career Summary”. This is where, obviously, the Business Analyst will provide information about his or her previous employments and, of course, the length of each and every one of them. It would also be great to provide the names of the companies where the business analyst was employed and a little detail about the specifications of the work he or she was doing there. Click here to find more resumes and BI Jobs.

What do you write in Technical Skill Set?

The second one is “Technical Skill Set”. In this section, the business analyst should list all of his experience with various technologies and preferably, specify the level of expertise he or she has in each one.

The third one is “Key Responsibilities Handled”. Here, the business analyst must write, in short, but informative sentences, what he did and what were his or her responsibilities at each of the previous employments. This is a very key part of the resume as future employers will look deeply at how much responsibility a person can handle and has handled in the past.

The fourth section is “Projects”. Understandably, this is where the business analyst will list all the projects he or she has been involved with, the degree to which he or she was involved and which part of the project was done by them. The business analyst must be as specific as possible in order to impress the person looking at his resume with the projects he has done.

The fifth part is “Education”. Here, the business analyst will specify where he studied or is currently studying, the specialization which he or she is mastering or has already mastered and the school or university where this is happening. Click here to check out our current candidates. And Click here to upload your video resume.

What do you write in Personal Details?

In the final sixth section titled “Personal Details”, the business analyst must “sell” him or herself, so to speak. This is where they would list all their positive characteristics and state why they should be hired and not someone else. Something provocative here will help a business analyst to stand out from the crowd and catch the attention of the employer. Other formal data like email, address, phone number, etc, can also be added to this section as we go towards the end of the resume. Are you looking for new Business Analysts for your company? Here you can upload your job description. M Mobile Solutions has different sap business analysts available.

The resume should finish with a summary or a list of certificates that the business analyst has acquired that would leave an unforgettable impression in the person reading it.

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Performance dashboard software

What performance dashboard software should I choose for my company?

What does performance dashboard software mean?

Performance dashboard software is a tool that is used to track various metrics that are important for businesses. Amongst these, the most important group is that of the KPI-s (key performance indicators). With the help of data visualizations, complex data can be extracted into easy to understand charts and other dashboard features that give instant awareness on current performance.

BI Consulting, M Mobile Solutions can help you design performance dashboards.

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Why do I need performance dashboard software?

First of all, a properly designed dashboard is a remarkable information management utility. In today’s environment for not only big corporations, but also small business, the tendency is to use more data. Never before has the business world been so data-intensive, but the fact of the matter is that contemporary software allows for it. Big data is all the rage these days, and the best part is that we can handle it and our means to handling it is exactly this type of software. Managing, extracting, and presenting data in an easy-to-understand format would be a huge challenge if it wasn’t for it. However not only is not that difficult today, it is actually made simple.

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What are the best benefits I can get from using such tools?

There are subtle differences between data, information, knowledge and wisdom. The way we listed them here is in order of importance – you can do little with data it its plain form, but you can acquire knowledge from it when using the right tools. This knowledge is actually important for your business decisions.

But without the proper means to use this data it stays useless. This is where performance dashboard software comes to the rescue. It helps you get the most value from your data. Business processes become better-optimized and every employee can be on the same page – because the well processed data is there, and data doesn’t lie.

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Do people from smaller countries need this?

Big data is a global phenomenon. As such, it doesn’t just impact big players. Small businesses in small countries also need to optimize the way they use their data – otherwise they would fall even further behind. Luckily, recent pricing of such software makes it easily accessible for business of all sizes.


Dashboard software is a must for every large and medium-sized business across the globe. It is the best means to analyzing big data and providing an accessible report for all interested parties to understand in a glance. The new pricing on such software makes it available even for small businesses.

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Business intelligence consulting jobs

What are Business intelligence consulting jobs and where to find them

What exactly is a Business Intelligence consultant?

In short it is a person who is there to help companies adopt and learn new strategies for organizing data/information. Their main goal is to help corporations manage data and they do this by setting up new software and tweaking existing systems.

People with business intelligence consulting jobs need both technical knowledge and business know-how. They need to improve efficiency, boost profits. This can be done by increasing sales and reducing operating costs. Most professionals work for private consulting firms, but some experts are self-employed freelance contractors.

How to find business intelligence consulting jobs?

The pay for these professions is really high, which obviously means that they are sought after.

However these jobs are also complex and exhausting. So very few professionals can handle the pressure and become such specialists.

Setting up systems is not the only responsibility in this sphere. Even after all systems have been set up, consulting jobs require user training. Employee training is important, too. Here is a list of responsibilities:

● Set data systems
● Train new employees
● Modify existing software and data systems
● Analyze and come up with ideas that improve efficiency and costs
● Supervise other business intelligence specialists

Download now a list of business intelligence consulting jobs.

What do experienced consultants do?

An experienced consultant has many possible paths for career advancement. Some workers actually create jobs because they become supervisors. Becoming a lead consultant also helps with that. Both of these perform more administrative duties. However their hands-on projects are also fewer.

With just a few years of experience supervisors can even start their own businesses. Business intelligence consulting jobs give you the opportunity to become independent. However this also brings responsibilities. Amongst these are meeting with clients, setting up appointments. You should also know how to explain the benefits of creating more business intelligence consulting jobs and bringing more appointments.

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How well paid are consultant jobs?

When it comes to any type of consultants, the salaries are largely dependent on negotiation. This is why pointing out a specific number is somewhat difficult.

However there are figures that can be considered a minimum. Mind you, these figures are more than satisfactory. These largely depend on location. For the United Kingdom, the bare minimum can be 40000 GBP per year. Not only that, but this is the salary for a small town. In London, you can get much more. And again, this is just the minimum.

In the USA, these jobs are also extremely well paid. In southern states, 70000 USD per annum is considered the bare minimum. In the north you can get double that. And if you consider this is just the lowest you can go, you can figure out that six-digits are the standard.

However these digits are nothing compared to the reduced costs and increased profits of companies where these specialists work. Click here to upload available jobs in your company.


Business intelligence consulting jobs are well paid but also bring many responsibilities. However there are multiple paths that consultants can choose for their career. Some continue working on projects with higher complexity that pay more. Others prefer to create jobs by starting their own companies. Some become supervisors. There is enough variety and pay, so all you need to do is put in the work. Visit our website for a list of available BI specialists.

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Business Intelligence Consultant Companies

What are Business Intelligence Consultant Companies?
What is a Business Intelligence Consultant?

Let’s start with a simpler question. What is a business intelligence consultant? Sounds pretty sophisticated right? Well, it is. A business intelligence consultant provides services that help businesses learn and implement new strategies and technologies for organizing large amounts of data. A BI consultant’s weapons of choice can be:

● SAP BusinessObjects
● Jaspersoft (Reporting, Data Analysis and Data Integration)
● Palo (OLAP Server, Worksheet Server and ETL Server
● Pentaho (An alternative for Jaspersoft)

There are many other tools on the market that a BI consultant can use, but these are one of the best. Anyway, the job of a business intelligence consultant also includes setting up new software and improvement on existing systems or processes to make it easier to manage information. This is at the core of the specialization of each business intelligence consultant. Information management. Because, when structured and organized, even large amounts of data can be easily accessed and updated if needed. Click here to see more business intelligence companies.

What are Business Intelligence Companies?

Okay. So now we know what a business intelligence consultant is. But what about business intelligence consultant companies? Well, that is simply companies that consult other businesses on up-to-date, efficient information technology systems, that need to be implemented in order for the business to run at a higher level. A business intelligence consulting company can help other company owners identify the cons of their current systems and processes and also, suggest ways to improve or completely replace them for the overall better performance of the business. But how do they do that? Well, when first meeting with clients, a business intelligence analyst will test existing software and find problems with it. Then they would explain how information is lost, lags or is outdated and how the current technologies the client is working with are affecting the business at a fundamental level. Click here if you looking for business intelligence developers.

Online Demo

Once the problems are identified a business intelligence consulting company will set up a demo to show the client what and how will be implemented or replaced to make data easier to manage. You can understand how hard it is to manage data only after working with huge amounts of information that is not organized. The solutions that business intelligence consulting companies come up with can really help improve a company’s ability to make smart decisions. The areas of improvement can span from accessibility of sales records, accounting programs, employee profiles all the way to customer information. Click here to look at an online demo.

Business intelligence consulting companies will often spend time after they have set up the new systems and processes to provide training for employees. They will also provide important hints on how to quickly access important data and use the programs to create detailed graphs and reports.

Business intelligence consulting companies will also, very often, send employees periodically over months or years, to make sure the clients are satisfied with the new business intelligence systems that were introduced.

How to manage data?

A good business intelligence consulting company will always ensure the ease of data management. With the growing of technologies and the rising need for more and more data storage, business intelligence consulting will see a huge increase in demand in the near future. There are so many large corporations that have humongous amounts of data stored in a disorganized fashion. That hurts the company at its very core and is a problem that must be fixed as soon as possible. Click here to download a business intelligence roadmap.

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Become SAP Business Analyst

How to become SAP business analyst

The job of a SAP business analyst is very lucrative. So it is no surprise that so many people ask this same question.
The good thing is, that if you want to become one, your path is well defined. The bad thing is that the earlier you start considering it, the better. And if you are well over your college years it might become harder – but never impossible.
In this article we will clear the unknowns and give career advice for people of all ages and levels of expertise.
What to do as a college student in order to become SAP business analyst

If you are just deciding on what to study, there is a variety of choices. People with the following degrees are prioritized over the rest:

● Computer systems (and all related)
● Business management
● Industrial engineering

Download now a list of all suitable degrees in order to become a SAP business analyst.
There’s multiple similar degrees that can also give you an advantage. However those three are by far the most common in job offers.

Also, after you have enrolled, don’t expect to learn all useful skills. You’ll be lucky to have any software specific capabilities by the time you graduate.

Taking the initiative and studying for yourself makes a world of difference. Even if you’re low on money, there are free courses all over the web. They will not give you the certificate to prove your proficiency, but they will be extremely helpful in the long run.

What is some advice for people of all ages who want to become SAP business analyst?
Study, study, study. It cannot get more obvious than that.

However it is important that your studies are also efficient, so choose wisely. We are here to help you out with that. Here are some general tips that can do you no wrong:

● Acquire professional certification – very important if you are to become SAP business analyst
● Try to get as much experience as early as possible
● Use networking to your advantage – LinkedIn is a good place to start

Click here in order to watch the training videos.

As for the professional certificates, there is a good variety of providers. If you have a specific “dream” company in mind for your future career progress, it is good to check their requirements. It might be the case that they prefer some certifications over others.

Other than that – the more, the better. You can’t have enough proof of professional proficiency. The sky’s the limit if you want to become SAP business analyst.

Early experience and networking go hand by hand. Typically it is harder to start working in a big corporation without a bachelor’s degree at least. Typically their HR teams seed through candidates and wouldn’t even give you a chance. Unless of course you have tons of experience to make up for it.

Smaller companies, however, are less picky. If you have put the effort into studying these technologies, then all you need to do is put the word about it out there.

Click here in order to upload a resume and potentially find a job.

Create a LinkedIn profile, meet with people and you might become SAP business analyst in no time. The more experience you have, the less your degree matters.

Employers – click here to upload available jobs in your company.


If you want to become SAP business analyst, you need to put in some work first. Studying is important, and a bachelor’s or a master’s degree makes it easier to start your career. However professional training and certificates are even more important. With the experience you get, the university degree becomes less important.
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